Fund Development

Current Focus

Empowering youth and their families who have limited financial means and are at risk of falling into the cycle of poverty is our current community impact focus area. Our community partners identified gaps in services that they are unable to fill, and we strive to plan meaningful programming that helps to fill those gaps.

What this looks like in action are events such as these: a Back to School Kick Off school supply drive where we supplied nearly 200 students with school supplies in August 2017, family fun nights, a Laundromat Day where we provide customers with all of the essentials for providing their families with clean clothes for the week, a self-defense workshop for young girls, an arts and yoga workshop for students who often don’t have access to quality arts programming, enrichment opportunities for girls in an after school program for young girls who show leadership potential and are eager for enrichment opportunities, a prom possible event where students are able to come to find the perfect prom dress free of charge, and a workshop on fostering leadership and friendship skills.