About Us

The Junior League of Harrisburg (JLH) is an organization of local women who have come together for the common goal of bettering our community. JLH was formed in 1929 and has a rich history within the Harrisburg community. It is considered the training ground for women that go on to become movers and shakers within many other local and national charitable organizations.

Our Mission:

The Junior League of Harrisburg exists to cultivate leadership and community for women in the greater Harrisburg region through volunteerism, education, and training that seeks to assist, empower, and foster opportunities for women and families across our community.

Our Vision:

The Junior League of Harrisburg: Women as Catalysts for Community Change and Empowerment

A sustaining member of the JLH said, "When I go to a meeting at another organization, I always know when I encounter a woman trained by the Junior League. They really know how to get things done." 

The Junior League is governed by a Board of Directors and Leadership Team made up active members. Year one of membership involves rigorous training about the League, organizational leadership skills, and other volunteer and non-profit organizations in the area.

Each League year, members have the opportunity to participate in committee work that includes community impact, fund development, marketing and communication, financial management and planning, grant and scholarship application review and selection, event planning, and more. Skills women learn in the Junior League carry over to the business world and have a long-term positive impact, which can be seen through the achievements of our members.

Junior League is also an organization where life-long friendships are created. It provides the opportunity to meet other civic-minded women and networking with people from many other organizations in the community.

Junior League of Harrisburg is a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI).  AJLI supports Junior League across the globe and provides additional training and leadership opportunities to our League members. Read more about AJLI at ajli.org.